Give Us Your Feedback

What sort of camera do you have? DSLR, Mirrorless, Mobile Phone, Point 'n Shoot?

How confident are you using your camera?

Are you interested in learning about a specific style of photography, if so what?

Examples - landscape,  portrait, street photography, family and friends, architecture, long exposure, etc?

Would you like to learn more about gear for specific needs: eg. filters for landscape photography etc?

Are you interested in  being part of a focused photography learning group within our club?

Are you willing to spend time with your photography learning group to explore, take photos, compare and have fun?

Considering your other family work etc. commitments, what times, days are you free to partake in any of the above?

What do you need help with -  your specific camera, a style of photography, post processing?

Do you post process your images?

If so what programme do you use? Lightroom, Photoshop, other -  please specify

How confident are you in using your chosen post processing app?