To submit Monthly  Entries please go to 'Members Only'tab then click "Entries" and follow instructions

There will be two digital categories each month; a 'Set Subject', and 'Open Category




Set Subject See Programme


Both OPEN and SET CATEGORY will be judged.


You can submit up to two (2) pictures for judging.

One Set subject plus one Open 


You can submit one only photo if you wish, IN EITHER SET SUBJECT OR OPEN.

All pictures should be NO older than three (3) years when submitted and may be submitted only once.

The pictures should be in digital format (Maximum 1620 px wide by 1080 px high).

File naming convention for Digital Photo entries.

Example:   Open-64-title.jpg

Replace "64" with your number

OR   Set-64-title.jpg 

We encourage everybody to give their pictures a title.

If you are using Lightroom click here for sizing instructions.


To fit within 1620 x 1080px

To enter please go to 'Members Only'tab then click "Entries"


Avis Mountain Trophy by 9th October   —  All other trophies by 27th October 

Open to all financial members

Annual Trophy Entries:  

The Trophy subjects are Landscape, Portrait, Black&White and Open (NOT Black & white). Any image may be submitted including, but not necessarily images already used in the monthly competitions. They must be no older than 3 years. Each member may submit one photo in each category

Please retain the highest resolution file as the winners may be asked to produce it for printing.

Upload to our website as you do with the monthly competitions.

Please ensure your membership number is included in the file name.  e.g. portrait-99-title  or avis mountain-99-title

Avis Mountain Trophy:

The Avis Mountain Trophy is a competition to pick the best photographer from club members, based on the members entries in the monthly subjects for that year.

Members are asked to select THREE  images from their entries to the monthly competitions during the current year. 

(They do not have to be the highest scoring picture for that member, and they can be from any of the subjects, including 'open') 

The judging will be based on member's best three photos but not as a set.

The competition judging will be done by an independent judge

To be submitted by the 9th October. 


Photos will  be added to this web site from time to time. If you do not want certain photos to be on the web site please add an 'NNN' to the name or let Jill or Denis know. For portraits, remember to get permission from the subject.

Example:-   open-64-NNN-title.jpg