Pixel Wars Rules


The champion is the winner from the previous round. The challenger is the person agreeing to challenge the champion.


Champion and challenger each email their 3 chosen subject ideas to the nominated committee member (convenor). The committee member communicates all subjects to both people.


They have a month to take the images of their own 3 subjects and those of the other photographer. 6 images in total. 

NOTE These images must be taken for the subjects during the agreed time frame, NO old images can be used. 

Only minimal editing to be used. Cropping, straightening and minor corrections only. No compositing or major altering of the original image may be done.


The goal is to have all six images completed in a month. Sometimes it seems to take more than 1 month if people have a lot on. An extended timeframe can be agreed by both parties and the convenor is advised. When images are ready, both people email their images with their name and subject name to the convenor who will rename, make slide show and prepare voting forms for the following club meeting.


The set subjects can be on any random thing they choose but there are a few guidelines: 

  • Not too specific e.g. 'wine bottle' is fine but not 'one light wine bottle shot' as that's too prescriptive and limiting.

  • no composite images. 

  • must be taken for pixel wars and not to use something from their catalogue of images. 

  • must have only minor adjustments in post-production. 

  • must be all their own work.


Note that if there is a tie, there is a count back that looks at how many votes each image won by. The one with the biggest margin on the images they won wins Pixel Wars and becomes the champion.

The reigning champion only holds that title until someone beats them in a challenge.